In the time of COVID-19, kids can keep learning if we build the village | Opinion

jhon yudha

Today I begin with an apology to local educators who might have taken some of my criticism of our school apparatus personally. Such is often the case, and this emotional reaction blocks any meaningful thinking about complete restructuring. I’ve been critical. I’ve made an attack. I have only praise and admiration for any teacher who can succeed in the current environment. 

It isn’t difficult to succeed under the current criteria, especially in our region, where “all the kids are above average,” so my proposal likely won’t fly easily, and if we were to actually get it off the ground, we might only see it as a stopgap until we get back to normal. On the other hand, this is the perfect moment to try it, because normal isn’t possible right now, and who knows? We might actually realize we’ve discovered something better.

I’m in no way criticizing our teachers. Some

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Driscoll’s life dedicated to health and wellness | Business

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Merritt Driscoll’s position as executive director of Blue Zones is a product of two major life events that shaped her view of health and wellness.

When she was 10 years old, Driscoll’s father, a smoker, died from lung cancer. Despite her young age, Driscoll found empathy and understanding for how behavior can impact overall health.

“As I grew up … it just helped me realize the importance that our behaviors have on our health and our longevity,” she said. “If my father hadn’t smoked, he might still be alive today.”

Years later, Driscoll was in a terrible car crash while in college. She broke 11 bones and had to relearn how to walk and feed herself. Recovery was hard, but it made her thankful to be alive.

“From that I became so grateful, I just learned this gratitude for life,” she said. “From that experience, I had this passion to

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Judge says Ducey not in contempt of court versus Mountainside Fitness

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A judge ruled that Mountainside Fitness did not give the reopening application process a chance to work before filing a contempt lawsuit.

PHOENIX — A judge ruled against Mountainside Fitness in another legal step in their fight to reopen their gyms.

Judge Timothy Thomason ruled late Monday that Gov. Doug Ducey would not be held in contempt of court.

The ruling issued late Monday night read, in part:

“There is a process in place. Fitness centers are taking advantage of the process, some of them successfully. Mountainside has not even given the process a chance to work. It only submitted a belated application on Friday. ADHS has had no opportunity to review and respond. This Court cannot find that the process implemented by ADHS violates procedural due process.

The Court does not find that the Governor violated a Court order. Indeed, it appears as if the Governor directed ADHS to

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Chemmart Rosuvastatin (rosuvastatin calcium) Drug / Medicine Information

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5 MG/ 10 MG/ 20 MG/ 40 MG

Contains the active ingredient rosuvastatin calcium

Consumer Medicine Information

What is in this leaflet

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This leaflet answers some common questions about rosuvastatin. It does not contain
all the available information. It does not take the place of talking to your doctor
or pharmacist.

The information in this leaflet was last updated on the date listed on the last page.
More recent information on this medicine may be available.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist:

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You can also download the most up to date leaflet from

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this medicine against the benefits they expect it

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