‘Class Action Park’: Film probes death, danger and outrageous rides at N.J. water park

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Brian Larsson watches the comments roll in on Facebook.

“I almost got killed on the Alpine Slide,” people say, looking back fondly on their wild memories of Action Park. “I love that place.”

Larsson thinks about responding. He thinks about the spirit in which they make such comments. These people can laugh because they haven’t lost anything.

His brother can’t. His life was cut short as a result of an accident at the now-defunct Vernon water park.

George Larsson Jr. was 19 when he was thrown off a cart on the Alpine Slide and hit his head on a rock in 1980. He died after a week-long coma.

Larsson, who grew up just a short drive from Action Park in Hamburg, was the first person to lose his life because of a ride there. His family settled with the park for $100,000. Subject to a gag order for years, the

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Forget Clorox, Procter & Gamble Is a Better Consumer Staples Stock

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Prior to the pandemic, Clorox (NYSE: CLX) had been struggling with weak sales of its household products — including bags, wraps, grilling products, cat litter, and digestive health products — and its international sales had been declining. However, the pandemic sparked fresh demand for its cleaning products, especially in the U.S., and easily offset those weaknesses.

That shift turned the slow-growth consumer staples stock into one of the top defensive plays against COVID-19, and sparked its year-to-date rally of over 40%. Clorox’s stock might still have room to run in this jittery market, but investors seeking a more balanced consumer staples investment for a post-pandemic world should stick with its larger peer Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) instead.

A shopping cart in a grocery aisle.

Image source: Getty Images.

P&G is better poised for a post-pandemic slowdown

Clorox generated 41% of its revenue from its health and wellness segment in fiscal 2020, which ended in late June.

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‘Come back even stronger:’ Kroc Center again a local hub for fitness, faith and more | Sponsored Features

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Salvation Army Kroc Center

“We will never take these simple things for granted again,” mom says about missing the Kroc Center during the coronavirus pandemic lock-down. The facility has resumed most of its programs and services, although some are on a limited basis.  

Many programs and services paused during the pandemic have resumed, although some on a limited basis. “Our goal throughout the pandemic and beyond is that we want to come back even stronger,” said Kevin Boesiger, Kroc Center director of arts and education.

Before, during and (eventually) after COVID-19, the Salvation Army and Kroc Center staff have and will continue to emphasize the safety and well-being of the people and community they serve, said Jonathan Kuebler, Kroc Center director of operations.

Taking care of its members, Kuebler said, is all part of the Kroc Shield. “We recognize the importance, during difficult times, of the connection we have with

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