Black Magic And Disaster They Can Cause For Human Being

Black magic and dark magic are very limited ways to do and use the universe. This can be very dangerous not only for the person or person you are black magic spells but also yourself.People with limited knowledge of magic and all the consequences associated with rebirth and karma are usually interested in what is called, “Left Path” of magic. This is a type of magic that black magicians or magicians will use to harm others, control other people, manipulate others and control them like dolls.

Of course black magic spells may seem interesting at first, but when you realize that what you send to the universe returns to you triples, you will see disasters and the consequences associated with using and practicing black magic.

Other magicians will say that the left path is the same as the right. But when it comes to controlling, manipulating and harassing other people and creatures for your personal benefit, a black magic will say that it’s okay. But when I tell you that the highest mystical path and union with God is love, affection and kindness you will understand how truly detrimental it is to play with black magic for someone.

You want to think about the karmic results of your actions. If you attack someone physically for no reason you will go to jail. Well, if you attack someone with magic, the law of karma will destroy it in your daily life. Some black magic dark witches will tell you that you only live once so why not live fully? Yes, for some people, trust is there that we only live once, but based on ancient scriptures and most religious texts in our world reincarnate. You don’t have to believe this, but listen to this for a while. Let’s say you destroy a family using dark magic with the full intention of hurting and destroying each and every individual. Now imagine that in your next life it is possible that you will live in a dysfunctional family like you did in your previous life when using black magic spells.


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