The 10 Biggest Online Workout Mistakes, According to Trainers

Though gyms are beginning to reopen, at-home, online workouts aren’t going anywhere. Even if you’re a dedicated gym-goer, it’s undeniable that reducing your trips to communal spaces reduces your risk of getting COVID-19.

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing streaming classes and workout apps to choose from. But just like any other type of workout tool, it does take some time to learn how to use these virtual sessions properly — increasing their effectiveness and decreasing your risk of injury. Ahead, top online trainers and instructors explain what they most often see going wrong with online workouts — and what to do instead.

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Mistake #1: Turning off your camera

If you’re doing a live class with the option to turn your camera on, don’t skip letting the trainer see you, says Ingrid Clay, Senior Curriculum Mentor and Trainer at Barry’s.


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10 women-owned small businesses to support right now

As the economy attempts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the best ways we can help entrepreneurs stay afloat is by shopping small. This week, the 3rd Hour of TODAY is highlighting women-owned small businesses to consider supporting.

As part of the “She Made It” series, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite brands in fashion, food, beauty and beyond.

Read on for the small brands you should have on your radar right now.

1. Olive & June

While stay-at-home orders were in full force, DIY nail maintenance became a necessity, and Olive & June was perfectly positioned to help customers achieve their at-home manicure goals.

Founded by former equity sales trader Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the business started out as a salon in the Los Angeles area but quickly developed a following for its curated manicure kits and innovative tools to make painting your own nails a little

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Here’s how small businesses threatened by COVID-19 are surviving the pandemic

With the unemployment rate at 11.1% and businesses shut down in every state, COVID-19 has taken a crippling toll on America’s economic health.

MORE: Small businesses rethink their approach amid the pandemic to serve their customers

For many small businesses, which comprise 47% of private-sector payrolls in the U.S., according to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, the sudden economic downturn has created a full-blown crisis.

MORE: When coronavirus hit, these small businesses got creative, but they still need help

The big-picture concern shared by economists is if businesses don’t survive, many Americans won’t have jobs to return to after the pandemic. That’s why experts have said it’s important to support local businesses, which are struggling to generate reliable income.

Now, salons, restaurants, florists and fitness instructors, among others, are creatively adjusting to the new realities of the coronavirus economy, pivoting to bringing parts of their business online, connecting with

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I did 100 push-ups a day for 100 days in lockdown, and was amazed by how my body changed

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Day 1 and day 100 of my 100 push-ups a day challenge.
Day 1 and day 100 of my 100 push-ups a day challenge.

Rachel Hosie/Insider

  • Around the start of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown in March, I decided to start doing 100 push-ups a day to maintain my strength and fitness without the gym, and I ultimately decided to complete 100 days.

  • I broke my daily 100 up into sets of 10, done on the hour every hour, but this was a lot harder to stick to at weekends.

  • I started noticing physical change about halfway through, and by the time I completed the challenge last week, I couldn’t believe how much more defined my upper body was looking.

  • The hardest part of the challenge ended up being mental rather than physical, although I have got really good at push-ups now.

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Cast your mind back to mid-March. The world was a very

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12 Therapist-Backed Tips For Overcoming Exercise Anxiety

“Exercise anxiety is many times created by negative thoughts related to fear of failure, embarrassment and fear of pain or injury,” according to one expert. (Photo: Getty Images/HuffPost)
“Exercise anxiety is many times created by negative thoughts related to fear of failure, embarrassment and fear of pain or injury,” according to one expert. (Photo: Getty Images/HuffPost)

Does the thought of starting a fitness routine or hopping back into an abandoned one incite doom, stress or apprehension? Exercise anxiety is a very real thing.

Raffi Bilek, a licensed therapist and director of the Baltimore Therapy Center, said a common reason that people get nervous about heading to the gym is because of social pressure to look a certain way.

“It’s often an impossible ideal to attain, or at least it certainly seems that way. And that fear of failure can contribute to anxiety over even getting started,” he explained.

Grace Dowd, a licensed clinical social worker in Austin, Texas, added that exercise anxiety can stem from people worrying that others will judge them while they work out, from

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Hoboken Adds Signs To Playgrounds: ‘No Mask, No Entry’

HOBOKEN, NJ — Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in an update on Wednesday night that the city’s Health Department had reported three new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, for a total of 622 since the pandemic began. Fatalities in town have remained unchanged for the last six weeks, at 29.

Bhalla noted that on Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy ordered residents to wear face masks outdoors in public places, including in parks, crowded sidewalks, and waiting in line at restaurants.

There are exceptions, including “exercise outdoors while remaining socially distant,” kids under 2, children getting wet in sprinklers, and people eating food and drink during outdoor dining.

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Bhalla said that “No mask, no entry” signs are being placed at all

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Get up and moving with this 6-week walk-to-run plan

Running is more than exercise, it’s also a way to get outside and have a separate headspace from the rest of your daily routine. For many people, it’s a great way to spend time alone while working out and, for other people, it can be a way to get involved with a running group or partner up. Whatever your motivation, if you want to start running or haven’t done it in a while, you’re not alone!

This expert advice can get you running regularly in no time and, for those who want to enter an event like a 5K, which is 3.1 miles, you can start celebrating at the finish line in just six weeks.

Many road races across the country have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in a 5K. Many apps and running clubs offer virtual 5K races — you

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New to running? Don’t make these painful mistakes

Chasing a runner’s high? You’re not alone. With limited access to gyms, many Americans have turned to running as their new primary form of exercise. Running is a great way to get fit, release endorphins and enjoy the outdoors. However, if you’re looking to start running regularly, it’s important to be smart about it. Nick Kafker, a healthy running expert and co-founder of Recover Athletics, estimates that 70% of all runners experience some type of injury each year. Whether you are new to the sport or training for a marathon, get off on the right foot by avoiding these five common running mistakes.

Mistake #1: Running too much

There is nothing quite like the feeling of going for a run on a beautiful day. That feeling can quickly become addictive — leading many people incorporate long runs into their daily routines. While this may work for some, it could be

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The 20 best things you can buy at Lululemon

These tried and true athleisure pieces are totally worth the price.
These tried and true athleisure pieces are totally worth the price.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Lululemon is a store built on athleisure dreams. Yes, a lot of items may be overpriced and aspirational, but if something looks good and performs well, we can’t not recommend it. There’s nothing more iconic than a pair of black Lululemon leggings, and in our opinion, when you look good in the gym, you’ll actually feel more confident about your workout.

Lululemon has a ton of options and they don’t come cheap, so if you’re making an expensive purchase you’re going to want to make sure you’re buying something high-quality that will make your workout feel more comfortable. We scoured the site, read the reviews, and sought out the products we own and love to find the best items you

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Australia deals with virus spike; Serbia erupts in violence

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — The reimposition of coronavirus lockdown measures in Serbia touched off violent clashes in the capital Belgrade that left at least 60 police and protesters hurt amid renewed warnings that the virus is still gathering pace.

Australia grappled with a COVID-19 spike in the city of Melbourne that prepared on Wednesday for a second lockdown to contain the virus’ spread. Melbourne’s virus woes contrasted sharply with other areas of the country that have been reporting low or no daily infections.

Africa surpassed the half million mark of coronavirus infections according to figures released Wednesday by the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. South Africa reported another day of more than 10,000 confirmed cases.

There’s no way to know the real number of confirmed virus cases among Africa’s 1.3 billion people as its 54 countries continue to face a serious shortage of testing materials for the virus.

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