Don’t Forget Some Of This Before Installing CCTV

CCTV is a home security system that is chosen by many people for their homes. CCTV itself can only be installed by professional people. You can use the services of locksmiths Dublin. We can install CCTV in your home well and quickly. CCTV itself is already known as a home security system that is right for all sizes of houses.

However, before you use CCTV in your home, you need to pay attention to the following points. These are some things that are often forgotten by many people when they choose CCTV for their

1. Video Performance
System equipment and design must consider the need to achieve performance as stated in operational requirements. This includes frame rate, resolution, and image quality both directly and recorded both for monitoring and for video analysis automatically. Degradation of system performance because resolution and quality reduction caused by transmission can be avoided by transferring analysis to the device (such as a camera or encoder). Performance can be affected by video transmission capabilities.

2. Storage
The total storage requirements for CCTV recording must be estimated before the system is installed so that the appropriate hard drive capacity can be determined. It is important to ensure sufficient capacity is available so there is no need to compromise on image quality or retention time. Storage requirements will depend on factors such as video storage or video and audio, frame size, number of frames per second needed, number of cameras, video bit rate and audio streams.

3. Display
Display presentation devices must be chosen after considering the conditions of monitoring the control room or other rooms and determining the CCTV requirements whether to identify, recognize, detect or monitor. It should also be considered whether the display is also used to view maps, floor plans, device lists, system status, alarm conditions, etc. Display and screen resolution selected must match the camera resolution and video resolution you want to produce.


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