Dufan mati recent accident that make this theme park growth more

Whether you’re looking for a trip packed with a schedule of activities and entertainment or if you prefer a wide-open trip with an agenda at all, visiting an amusement park can meet your expectations for a great trip. The great thing about Amusement Parks is that they are full of choices no matter what type of trip you hope to have. Contrary to popular belief you will find more than just big rides and cotton candy in the Amusement Park, although you will definitely find things too.

One of the best things about amusement parks is the variety of people they attract and entertain. Families with young children, Families with teenagers, young couples without children or adults can all enjoy the same amusement park. Not many other vacation options can keep people of all ages and interests occupied and happy for hours. Your children might like to visit a petting zoo or get their faces painted. Amusement Parks offer these things after the dufan mati incident while also having tons of fun adult rides and shows too. The whole family can choose the activities they want to do and then you can fill the whole day enjoying the fun together that does the things you love. Starting from Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) which is the largest outdoor rides in Indonesia after dufan mati incident. Then there is a Gondola or cable car with a length of 2.4 km. Not left behind the beaches and parks in Ancol are the main attraction. For those of you who already have sons and daughters, invite to play at Atlantis Water Adventure, the second theme park in Ancol where you will enjoy a water adventure with 8 main pools and the third theme park is Gelanggang Samudra, in the form of a theme park edutainment nuanced by nature conservation. If not satisfied, there are still Sea World vehicles, the first and only underwater aquarium in Indonesia.


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