Everything About Virtual Tour

Virtual tour photography can be a place to promote places that emphasize the superiority of location and space. Therefore, this technique is more widely used by the hotel industry, recreation, and restaurants. With few players, this business is still prospective. Now, it’s your turn to use and see how VIZ360 – Virtual Tours can benefit your business.

Promotion is an important way to win the competition. Besides having to be interesting, promotion must also be able to prioritize the content or superiority of a product. One promotion that is now preferred by entrepreneurs is by utilizing photographic techniques.

Well, one of the photography techniques commonly used for promotion is virtual tour photography with virtual reality (VR) 360 ° photography. This photo technique is usually used for promotion via the web or the internet by displaying images of objects as a whole or 360 degrees. Apart from the internet, compact disk (CD) media can also be an effective storage device.

If you are a hotel entrepreneur, with this technique, the main room can be shown to be completely circular without breaking. Not only can indoor photos be worked on, this technique can also be applied to outdoor scenes.

With the advantage of photographing intact outdoor space, virtual tour photography is commonly used as a tool for promotion and tour guides for the hospitality industry, resorts, recreation places, and restaurants. VR 360o photography art clients are not limited.

This photography technique is actually a promotional tool for the goods or services industry that requires space information as an important point to attract consumers. Well, with the VR 360o technique and the concept of interactive multimedia, virtual tour photography is able to bring consumers to a virtual space like he is standing in the room (immersive). He can see the environment around the room either on the left, right, back, front, top or bottom. That way this technique is different from ordinary photography that displays one two-dimensional (2D) field. “Just click and drag the cursor to any desired direction


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