Get To Know More About Sharks

If you want to feel traveling that drives adrenaline, swimming with whale sharks can be an alternative. These are real, savage sharks in the sea. Not a shark child who doesn’t have teeth. In an iron cage with a capacity of 4-6 people. You are taken down to the sea which is inhabited by many great white sharks by wearing wetsuits, masks, and hoses to supply oxygen. This activity is relatively safe because the cage used is really strong and quite tight. There are also always officers who are ready to save you if something dangerous happens. To enjoy this exciting experience there is no need for a diving license. All that is needed is guts and a strong heart. This tourism is indeed being developed as natural tourism that holds a lot of knowledge to protect natural ecosystems, the importance of keeping the food chain from becoming extinct and introducing false facts about sharks themselves.

Diving with sharks is both horrible and exciting. Before plunging into the sea and starting diving in a location that can meet sharks, you should first consider this one trick; If we look at sharks, don’t panic too much. if the diver accelerates the movement of his legs can produce excessive splashes of water and make the shark interested. Sharks can even come closer because they think water splashes are small fish that swim. In addition, when you see a shark, don’t immediately rush to the surface. The position of diving to meet sharks is usually at a depth of more than 10 meters and can endanger health if it rises directly to the surface. Because if you go straight up it can’t be. First, it is not safe, if diving should not rise too fast because there is decompression.

Decompression can be interpreted as an increase in air bubbles in the body that can block blood flow and the nervous system after diving. Symptoms that will arise are similar to strokes. For example, numbness, even loss of consciousness. Therefore, take it easy if you meet sharks. Let the animal swim, divers just see it.


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