History of Arung Jeram

Arung jeram or also called rafting is a water sport. Some people called this water sport a river adventure. You can find arung jeram or rafting anywhere. You also can find this extreme water sport in Dufan. But arung jeram dufan is more just for fun.
In Indonesia, arung jeram has been around since the 1970s. Arung jeram got promoted by the community that loves nature and finally, arung jeram becomes the most favorite sport for the one who loves nature. Some of them also developing this water sport by doing the expedition.

Year by year, all the equipment that was needed for this sport is also developing. From a tire, LCR boat, until a boat that made for a river. The development of the equipment is making arung jeram become more popular, more and more enthusiats.

Actually, they already held a competition. But, they don’t have the standard yet. Until in 1994, there a rafting competition in Ubud, Bali. That competition finally gives the standard of their equipment, scores and many more.

The development of this water sport, arung jeram is making this sport become the most favorite sport and also become family tourism and recreation. The numbers of rivers in Indonesia that quite a lot also support the development of this water sport.

Nowadays, arung jeram becomes very popular in Indonesia. Almost all rivers in Indonesia provides this sport. The development of tourist attraction is also making some people become interested to know more and try arung jeram.

Unfortunately, rafting tour is lack of people that know more about rafting. They need more instructor that will help all the participants or the players. However, it is not easy to learn and merge with nature. Rafting instructor has to merge with nature. Because they have to know when the current in the river danger and not and many more.


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