How to Get Rid of Mold On The Wall

Climate conditions can affect the condition of building houses, especially tropical climates such as in Indonesia. Usually, buildings in tropical climate areas are easier to grow mushrooms. The mushrooms grow in damp rooms, such as bathrooms, washbasins, or outside walls that are often exposed to rain splashes. However, it is not only the cause of moldy walls, other causes, namely due to leaky roofs or groundwater rising to the walls. The room that often escapes attention is crawlspace. You can visit our website to find out about Foundation and Crawl Space Pros.

The presence of fungi is characterized by black stains that spread to certain areas of the wall, while mossy walls usually appear from an area that is green. Both of these problems can make the walls gradually decay so that the strength decreases.


When mold and mildew have grown on the wall, it should be addressed immediately in the following ways. But before starting work, don’t forget to use gloves and masks. Just start cleaning mold and mildew on the wall using a scrap kit and dry brush then spray clean water. Next, mix 500 grams of chlorine or bleach solution with 2 liters of water.

Apply the cloth to the wall evenly. Leave it for one hour so the mold and mildew die. Spray clean water on the wall to refract it. Then, after the wall has dried, brush the antifungal liquid with a brush. Leave for 2-6 hours. After that, let stand, then rinse again with clean water. Leave it for one day so the wall is completely dry. Just spread the primer and wait for it to dry. Apply wall paint in the form of special antifungal paints.

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