How to Use a Hookah

Shisha is tobacco that is packaged in the form of a liquid that adds flavor and causes thick smoke. This liquid tends to settle to the bottom of the hookah, so stir quickly to spread. If it’s your first time sucking a hookah, consider using tobacco-free hookah molasses to practice. Tobacco is hard if you make a mistake. Shisha is present in various flavors, which can significantly change the smoking experience. Try some flavors to find out what you like as a beginner hookah sucker. Visit our website to Buy Hookah Tobacco.

– Crush the shisha and put it in a bowl. Stir the shisha and pour it into the bowl. Press slightly to produce a flat layer without compressing the tobacco. Shisha should not be too dense so the air easily flows. Fill the bowl almost near the top, but leave at least 2 mm of space above the tobacco to prevent it from burning.

– Cover with thick aluminum sheets. Place thick aluminum sheets above the bowl, attach tightly. Fold the aluminum sheet on the edges of the bowl to tighten it. You can use charcoal screens (a kind of small holes to hold charcoal) that are sold for this purpose, but most users prefer to use aluminum sheets.

– Place a bowl over the hookah pipe. This bowl must be fastened to the rubber pieces so that it is airtight.

– Make several holes in aluminum sheets. Using a toothpick or paper clip, make 12-15 holes on the surface of the aluminum sheet. [8] Test the air flow by sucking on the hose when you do it. If you have difficulty sucking air, add more holes. Some people prefer to make a hole through the shisha to provide a channel for heat and air.

– Burn two or three charcoal. There are two types of charcoal used for hookah. I

– Transfer the charcoal to the aluminum sheet. Place the charcoal evenly around the aluminum sheet or slightly to the side. A common mistake is to stack charcoal in the middle so that the shisha becomes flammable and creates short and hard smoke.

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