Is Video Animation a Good Option for You?

Animated video is the perfect tool to attract visitors to your site and tell them about the main benefits and features of your product or service using animation on paper. The average research show users spend only about 10-20 seconds on the site if they fine no convincing motivation to remain longer. Aside from that, the first ten seconds is the most vital period to give the user this reason. Having such a short time just means you can not just rely on text and graphics to get their attention. If you have excellence or uniqueness than your competitors, you should certainly show it to your audience to convince them. Just take time and ask yourself why you need to invest in the service animation studio can provide. Your business must have something new or at least the ones many competitors out there are using, video marketing for instance. To ensure that the animation studio can meet your video marketing needs, ask the questions. Do you run the business related with ICO token?

Why is video animation a good option? In a psychological study ever conducted, found the fact that only 20% of people will remember the information they read and only 10% remember what they hear. At the same time, 80% of people will remember what they see and what they do and for other things, visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than writing. In accordance with these statistics, we must accept the fact that text and audio are less effective than non-verbal communication media. Animated videos can clearly articulate a service or product you offer in just under two minutes. Well, since animated videos allow people to get more information in less time than reading, then you will earn to win it in the first 10 seconds and capture the attention of your audience. Plus, animated videos that can engage both visual and audio communications are able to significantly improve the perception of your audience. So, will this psychological theory work best when applied to online marketing? The latest facts show that it can work very well.


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