Know Some Factors in Privacy Settings for Accounts on the Internet

Account security is indeed something that must be considered by many people, especially those who have more than one account on the internet. With high security, there will be no hacking or other crimes that can enter your account. You can use multi factor authentication as a dual security that you can use on every account that you have. in fact, some social media now use that security to protect their users’ data 2 factor authentication websites.

Another thing you also need to pay attention to as account protection is privacy settings. You have to manage which personal data should not be seen by many people and which may be seen by many people. Here are some factors as the privacy settings in your account.

– Pay attention to the privacy of your mobile
One way to prevent others from knowing your position is to turn off location services from GPS. In this way, other people will certainly not be able to track the location where you are.
Actually, the use of GPS is used by several applications to support more accurate performance. For that, also pay attention to the security of applications that require access to your GPS.

– Ensure network security is used
This condition can go both ways. First, when you connect with public Wi-Fi there’s nothing wrong with always ensuring the security of the network and not accessing personal information that is important. In addition, always make sure to create a password for your device that is used to share the internet network. This is needed to prevent someone from carelessly connecting with your Wi-Fi device.

– Always pay attention to your transactions
One of the advantages of the internet is making your financial transactions easier. However, that does not mean that convenience is flawless. One of them is a security hole that can be accessed at any time by others.
For this reason, after making an online transaction there’s nothing wrong with monitoring your list of transactions again. Thus, if there is suspicious relaxation there is a possibility that someone has infiltrated your banking account.


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