Know The Alternatives Air Conditioning Devices When Your AC Is Broken

Exhaust Fan is classified as a more efficient and economical AC air conditioner. The exhaust fan does feel like a fan. Exhaust fans are usually installed on air vents or on windows and doors of your home. The way the exhaust fan works is to absorb the hot air in the room and remove it so that new air can enter aircon installation singapore. That way the new air in the room becomes fresher. So even though it is similar to a fan, the Exhaust Fan does not emit wind directly on our body, so it is better for health. Aside from that, don’t hesitate to call the most recommended aircon installation singapore when your AC must be repaired immediately.

Ventilating Fan

Although it looks the same, the ventilating fan has a much better and more sophisticated way of working than the Exhaust Fan. Ventilating Fan not only attracts hot air from inside the room but also allows to draw air from outside into the room. This is what makes ventilating fans feel cooler.

Despite the way it works exceeds the Exhaust Fan, but this tool has the same electrical attraction. So it’s still more energy efficient even though you buy with more usefulness.

Air Curtain

Have you ever seen an air-shaped instrument at the entrance to a mall, supermarket or some other shops and offices? Do you really think that it is AC? If yes, this is the time for you to know the facts. Tools commonly found in malls or other shopping centers are not AC but the Air Curtain.

This tool has a different way of working with air conditioners, Air curtain works by exhaling air in great pressure to cool the room and expel incoming insects. This tool has a very high voltage for which the use is widely available in large buildings only.

Now that is some alternative that you can use to cool the room beside AC. How? Have you chosen one to try?

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