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Anyone must have known of vinyl records which used to be liked by many people. As time went on, the object had indeed been abandoned. However, in the past few years, vinyl records have been sought after by many people. However, vinyl records certainly will not be able to be used without the right turntables. You can use Top rated turntables to buy for 2019 to be able to get turntables with advanced technology and clear sound quality.

For those of you who don’t know clearly about turntables, then some of the explanations below will really help you.

1. History of turntables
Initially, a turntable called the Phonograph, which was discovered by Thomas Alva Edison, serves to record sound using a paper tape circular disc and cylinder. And the recordings can be played. Many names appearing in the Phonograph development which were transformed into turntables, such as Emile Berliner made an analog disc record that can be played at speeds of 331 / 3rpm.
Until 1950, turntables were created using several devices such as drive systems, platter, phono cartridge, and tonearm by the Lenco AG company from Switzerland. Then in 1972, turntables experienced a change in the direct-drive system using motor system technology and were produced until now.

2. Turntable parts
Before you decide to buy a turntable, it’s good to know things or important parts such as LPs, platter, tonearm, cartridge, cantilever, and needle, which can produce sounds and songs. Turntables themselves are divided into three types of categories such as Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual. On the fully automatic turntable, you simply put the Vinyl you want to use, after that press the on the button and automatically rotate and the tonearm will fall to Vinyl, then the song starts playing. Unlike the case with semi-automatic, tonearm must be dropped manually into the platter, after that music or song is played and at any time the song runs out, Stamatis needle returns to the previous position and then stops. Whereas manually, you have to operate it entirely manually.


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