Making an interesting rose bouquet

Before making a rose arrangement, you must first understand the basic model of the circuit. There are models of flower arrangements that are round, there are also diagonal, vertical or oval models. There are also triangular, crescent, crescent, and many other models. You must first determine how the basic model of the circuit is before creating a beautiful rose series. Aside from that, you can check out the excellent ramos de flores on the trusted florists near you whenever you need one for your occasion.

Clean the rose stalk

After understanding the basic model of the circuit, the next step is to clean the rose stem. As we know, the rose stalk is full of sharp thorns. In order not to hurt your hand and to be able to assemble it comfortably, of course, you have to clean the thorns on the rose stalk first.

Cut the rose stalk

The next step is to cut the rose stalk. Cutting the stalk is important to keep the flowers fresh. Cut the stems diagonally on the base of the leaf sloping down or up. It is best to do the cutting under a smooth flow of water and place the roses that have been cut in a vase filled with water as soon as possible.

Start making roses

Choose 4 pieces of rose that are rather large, make it as a center of flower arrangements. Use one hand to hold the center of the circuit tightly, while the other hand adds one at a time the roses to be arranged.

Tie a rose

To tie a series of roses, use a rubber or ribbon with a special adhesive to make a series strong so that the position of the rose does not change. Do steps 4 and 5 again, to make a different series. Try to have 4 or 5 roses of roses so that they can be assembled into a large series.

Combining flower ties

The final step in making a rose is to combine 4 or 5 rose bonds into a large rose. Next, decorate the ties with gold-colored ribbons to add to the impression of beauty and luxury.


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