Modifying Your House So It Will Be Safer For Your Grandparents

Most elderly people fall at home. However, by taking some practical security measures, you can reduce that risk a lot. Think about your home while reading the following information. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to contact the trusted Stairlift Rental, so you may provide a safe and reliable stairlift which helps your grandparents move between floors safely and easily.


The floor must not be slippery when wet.

On the bathroom floor or in the tub there must be an anti-slip mat; and the bath chair, if any, must be close to the tap. Also, it’s good to have a handheld shower so you can stay seated while taking a shower.

It is recommended that you have a bar for handling when you enter or exit the shower or when using the toilet. This handle must be sturdy and firmly attached. Also, make sure that the toilet seat is high enough so that you can sit and get up easily.

The night light must stay on, or use a flashlight.


Stairs must be free of scattered objects, in good condition, and sufficiently illuminated.

Stairs must have a stable grip, if possible on both sides; stairs must also have anti-slip footing and light switches at the top of the stairs or at the base.

Walking up and down stairs can help the elderly keep their legs strong. However, if you have a problem with balance, don’t go up and down the stairs alone.


Provide enough space around the bed and other furniture so you can move safely.

Provide a chair so you can sit while changing clothes.

Provide a lamp or flashlight that is easily accessible while you are in bed.


Tables should not be messy so you can freely put groceries and other items on it.

Kitchen floors must be non-slip and not shiny.

Items in the closet should not be placed too high or too low to be easily taken without the help of others. To reach items, try not to climb on a bench, and never stand on a chair!


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