Reasons to Have Air Purifier at Home

Based on research from environmental protection agency Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution is one of five causes of poor air conditions that can result in a decrease in your health level. The air purifier can be an option for those of you who live in an environment with poor air quality. For those of you who have family members who are smokers, the benefits of this water purifier can help you minimize the smell and smoke in the room. In fact, not only neutralize the smell or smoke, the water purifier is also sometimes able to kill viruses or bacteria that spread through the air.

Air purifier is different from air conditioner (AC), although currently there is also an air conditioner (AC) which has an air purifier in the system. The air purifier can be said to be the right technology today to get healthy air in the room. The way the water purifier works is quite simple, ie the air in the room will be sucked with the help of the fan and captured physically by the filter located at the rear of the water purifier. Then the air is filtered through the filter and will be channeled back through the dealer in front. The air that comes out must have become fresh and free of pollution because dust, germs, bacteria, particles in the air had previously been lost. Here are some reasons why you should use a water purifier at home, especially rainbow air purifier.

Eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air

Retroscreen Virology (UK) has been researched using the test method. The study was conducted by entering the virus in the box and calculated the decrease in the amount of viral activity after a water purifier was used.

Eliminate unpleasant odors

The ability of water purifier to remove odor has passed in a series of tests conducted by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation. This test is done to find out how effective this tool eliminates odor by using 6 levels of odor measurement.

Reducing Mushrooms

The ability of a water purifier is to eradicate the fungus that can be a disease seed. The ability to eradicate fungi has been proven by tests conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Tests carried out with the PCI Ion Spout Method in a 2.6 m3 room were proven if the fungus growth was greatly reduced.


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