Recognize Some Causes Of Air Pollution, One Of Them is Motor Vehicles

Air pollution has been going on for a long time and needs a proper repair to reduce the pollution. One of them is by using escooter so you no longer need to produce pollution from your motor vehicle. This can be a tangible contribution to air in the environment for the better.

There are several causes of air pollution that have been disturbing you. One of them is because of the many motor vehicles and causing the pollution to accumulate in the air. Some other causes are

– Gas from motor vehicles
Cars, motorcycles and various types of terrestrial transportation vehicles are very helpful to humans in doing their work. With a motor vehicle, we can easily get to the destination in a fast and practical way. However, behind all the ease with which it turns out, the presence of motor vehicles further adds to the severe air quality in the world.

– Gas from industrial plants
Factories and other industries typically release exhaust gasses of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and other chemicals into the air, thereby reducing air quality. Almost in every region has an industrial area and the impact of pollution generated can be felt by all regions on earth. The oil refinery also releases unneeded exhaust gas carbon dioxide gas.

– Household activity
Floor cleaning products, body, clothes, painting supplies and various chemicals used in the home release of hazardous chemicals that cause air pollution. Have you ever noticed that when painting the walls of the house, there is a smell that if you breathe will make it difficult to breathe?

– Mining Operations
Mining is a process of extracting minerals beneath the earth’s layers that are exposed using large appliances. During the mining process, a lot of massive air pollution comes from dust and chemicals that come out during the process. This is a reason why miners have poor health conditions.


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