Trainer Joe Wicks Shares 3 Secrets That Helped Him Succeed in Fitness

From Men’s Health

Joe Wicks, the cover star of Men’s Health UK’s July/August issue, has a lot to teach you. The 33-year-old has seen himself go from a struggling park boot-camp trainer to an in-demand social media personality, YouTube #PEWithJoe phenom, magazine cover model, and so much more.

There’s no denying that hi s relentless personality, charm and online business acumen helped pave the way for success. But what of the lessons that he’s learned along the way?

Below, we’ve cherry-picked a few quotes from our cover interview that help shine a light on Wicks’ continual successes. Hopefully, they can inspire you to make a positive change, however small. Let’s get to it.

Staying Motivated

“When I started doing fitness, I always had this voice in my head telling me to keep going… It was like that when I first started doing boot camps in the park, and it was

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How to survive without your daily dose of Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks
Joe Wicks

Listen: Joe Wicks needs a break. Since the 23rd of March – that’s roughly three months or a geological eon ago, depending on how lockdown’s warped your sense of time – he’s been tirelessly turning up on TV and laptop screens every morning, bouncing off the walls at 9am in a bit to keep the nation fit and (somewhat) sane. 

Now, after several thousand Spider-Man lunges, many of them done dressed as Hanna Barbera characters, the nation’s favorite PE teacher has announced that he’s taking some downtime. He’s cutting back to three days a week – still more than almost everyone else was exercising before this all started – and many fresh-minted fans are, understandably, bereft.

With fitness, after all, the habit is the thing: clocking in at a set time every day to get the sweat flowing and endorphins going is the best way to stop the

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