The Reasons Why You Are Not On The First Page Of Search Engines?

As a website owner, you have to include SEO as an integral element when the website is built, determine relevant keywords to be targeted, place the keywords with the right composition on the website page, arrange the right meta-tags, arrange good content , arranging the right structure, selecting and starting pay-per-click and paid-inclusion programs, getting links from other websites. Will you click here now to gather related information? Perhaps, you experience such this situation. You write articles on blogs but can’t appear on search engines. Already struggling to hunt backlinks but not yet entered page 1? Perhaps, there is a problem in the on-page SEO of your web page. Whenever you start an SEO campaign, make sure you won’t make such these following mistakes:

Title Tag
Make sure that you will never leave the title tag of each post because the search engine will display a post with the title tag.


The next mistake to never make is choosing the keyword which is not relevant to the content of our blog. This can also be interpreted by Google as spam. Sure, you must keep this thing in mind before creating the content for your search engine optimization.


do not use the same keywords or keywords repeatedly in Title Tags, Meta Tags, Body Text. Don’t link to sites that have been deleted or deleted by the owner.

Website speed

Do not get any HTML errors on your blog because it will slow down the loading of your blog pages and reduce your rank page. Try your writing or your blog does not contain too much graphics or images, Google prefers content in the form of paragraphs and few images. So few posts about things that must be considered in SEO.

SEO can give you a number of advantages. Unfortunately, it will happen only if you deal with professional SEO implementation. For this reason, it would be better to hire an only professional SEO expert who has years of experience and the skill required.


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