These Are Some Of The Features In Luxury Cars That Are Now Also Available In Ordinary Cars

At present, the car is one of the most used vehicles. Many people choose to drive a car rather than driving another vehicle. However, for some people, luxury cars are the vehicle they most want to drive. Luxury cars show someone’s social class. There are many people who want to have a luxury car. However, now you can rent it at luxury car hire. You don’t need to have it if you want to drive a luxury car.

Luxury cars have several features that make it special. However, some features of luxury cars now exist in many cars. Even cheap cars have some of these features:

1. Rear Camera
At the beginning of its appearance, the rear camera is only in luxury cars or large cars. In its development, the feature that makes it easier when parking backwards is now there are many on the vehicle to the entry-level segment. The use of this rear camera is growing as the dimensions of the car are getting bigger. In addition, in some countries it also began to require the use of a rear camera as a part of safety regulations.

2. The panoramic sunroof
Old cars rarely use the panoramic sunroof or an open roof. Even if there are, only a handful of cars use it and usually cars from upper class segments. The Panoramic sunroof is now a standard feature in many middle class models. Middle class cars that started using the panoramic sunroof as a standard feature were Scion tC in 2005.

3. The navigation system
The digital map displayed on the dashboard’s middle panel has become a common feature that is common in new cars. Who would have thought, this feature at the beginning of its appearance in the form of simple graphics. In the 2000s the navigation system could only provide direction without any other assistance. At present, the navigation system which is supported by the Android OS also provides traffic reports, alternative routes, to gas stations and nearby restaurants.


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