These Are The Common Game Modes And Rules In Paintball

There are many rules and names of games used to play Paintball, but here we will only discuss game modes and regulations for beginners who don’t understand about these things. By knowing the game modes and rules, you will be able to enjoy this outdoor activity without any problems.

Here are some of the games modes and rules in paintball:


How to play: The two teams fight to defeat all opposing players. The game ends when all players in one team lose, or the time limit is up

Capture the Flag

How to play: The two teams try to take the flag from the opponent’s area and bring it back to the team headquarters. If a player is shot, the player leaves the game. If all opposing players are shot down, the winning team can bring the flag home freely. Usually, matches are given a time limit. Even though all the opposing players have been shot, your team still has to bring the flag back to headquarters.

Fort Assault

How to play: One team each player has one life, and they must guard the fort from the attacking team in a short amount of time. The attacking team has unlimited respawn. That is, if they are shot, they can go back to headquarters, remove paint, then go back to attack the fort. The match ends if the attacker manages to control the fort or the time limit is up.


How to play: It’s similar to Deathmatch, the difference is there are no teams here. Everyone fights against everyone. Usually, some players will ally and later betray each other. Interesting and challenging, is this type of game?

Local regulations

All paintball facilities have a strict set of rules and must be followed for the safety of you and your fellow players. For example, a 3-meter rule means players are prohibited from shooting opponents at a distance of closer than 3 meters because they are dangerous.

Some paintball facilities provide bonus points based on your tactics or game. Each facility usually has various types of regulations and games, but the basics remain the same. Don’t forget to maintain sportsmanship between teams and teammates so that this game becomes fun.


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