These Are Two Carpet Materials That Are Often Used By Many People

Many people use carpets in their homes. In fact, some homeowners put carpets not only in one room but also in several rooms in their homes. This is because the carpet will bring warm and comfortable into the room. However, another thing that should also not be forgotten is the cleanliness of the carpet. You can use services from carpet care specialists so that your carpet cleaning process can run perfectly.

Below are some types of carpet materials that are usually used in every home. Some of the carpet material meant here is

1. Silk material
Silk is very famous for its subtlety and luxury. In addition, as a material for carpets, silk is easily colored and is an easy-to-absorb material. Although silk is classified as multi-purpose, the age of this material is not as long as other materials if not combined with other fibers. It would be very good if the silk is combined with wool because it will create thick fibers and have a beautiful sparkle. Even so, silk carpets should not be installed on heavy traffic areas to avoid immediate replacement due to damage.

2. Olefin ingredients
Olefin or polypropylene is the most well-known artificial fiber used in making carpets. Fine olefin fiber like wool, does not trap stains, is able to maintain color quality well, and is affordable. Because of its durability and anti-stain and moisture-resistant capabilities, olefins are often used in outdoor areas such as patios, balconies or gazebos. As other fibers have advantages and disadvantages, olefins also have disadvantages. The disadvantage is that olefins are not flexible fibers, so if you put heavy furniture on it and leave marks, then the former will be difficult to remove. Then, if the olefin carpet is installed in a high traffic area, it will tend to be easily thinned over time.

Make sure you choose the carpet material that suits your room and your needs in the house.

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