Tips for Choosing the Right Tennis Shoes

If you want to look good in a sport, you better get the most out in choosing sports equipment. Including choosing shoes, of course. The same thing with tennis, we must choose the right shoes for the comfort of our feet while playing. It is important to buy a pair of correct tennis shoes from those that can suit your feet and provide you with complete comfort. Get a tennis shoe review on our website before you buy one.

Moreover, the game of tennis requires a lot of movement right, left, front back to pick up the arrival of the ball. For this reason, you must use appropriate and comfortable shoes that have been specially designed for playing tennis. Besides the right shoes can also minimize the occurrence of foot injuries. For that, we will give some tips when buying tennis shoes with the aim that you all get the right shoes and the desired ones.

1. Adjust Leg Type

It is important to know about the type of foot you have. Either the legs can be supinated or pronated. Supinated wider legs with high arches and leave a crescent-shaped trail. Therefore, these types of feet require shoes that can provide enough space for fingers as well as shoes with special pads in the arch area. Conversely, pronated feet are flat and require shoes that can offer complete support for the entire leg, especially on the medial side of the foot. The type of foot should require mid-cut tennis shoes.

2. Fit on foot

After determining the type of tennis shoes that are right for you, it is important to choose shoes that fit right. Because tennis involves a lot of running, cutting, stopping, and pumping you have to choose tennis shoes that fit right in the width of your feet. However, make sure it has space between the toes and the ends of the tennis shoes for about at least half an inch.


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