Tips for forcing your entry into your own house

The next way to fix a door lock that is jammed is to use a breaker. Unload your key using the key breaker. You can buy this tool at your locksmith. Before you break into your home key, it’s a good idea to learn how to use it first. Meanwhile, call the DC locksmith NW whenever you need some help with your locks.

Enter and rotate the key breaker into the lock house, point the burglary towards the keyhole hole. Do it until the key is released and can be opened.

If you don’t have a key breaker, you should use your own key breaker. Use tongs, scissors or pliers made of aluminum or metal that are hard and strong in texture to be used as a lever or pry for the key. Do the key break-in with the same steps as the first point that you just said.

Using the L key. For the door with a special handle. The special handle hole in question is the door with a small handle hole in the center. Now if your door happens to use this type of door, you can use the “L” key to break your key.

The way to match the long key part into the door hole of your house. Make sure the type or size of the L key you are using matches the size of your door hole. Insert the tip of the L key into the door hole by moving – move back and forth, do it slowly – slowly until you gradually lose the door hole then you can open it yourself.

How to fix the house door lock that gets stuck next is to break the door. But this method can be used if the two methods we have discussed above are not successful. Or this other language is a forced way from the door of your house cannot be opened. The method is as follows.

Stand in a sturdy pose. Standing by facing the door itself, with and your legs must be opened, shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. If you feel capable, hold your hand or arm on the wall, hold it firmly then push the door using your body.


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