Tips to Build a Minimalist Pool

Minimalist style buildings dominate modern life today. People prefer a minimalist home design due to the dense population and limited land. With a minimalist style house, does not mean we can not give an artistic touch to our homes. Maximizing the narrow land can give a different feel of freshness, by building a minimalist swimming pool at the corner of the house for example. If you want to make your swimming pool is safe, you need to install a glass pool fencing.


The swimming pool does not have to be owned by people who have a spacious house and a roomy land. You who have a narrow land can realize the dream to have a mini pool at home. It depends on how you make it happen. One of the benefits of having a minimalist swimming pool at home is, We can have a place of privacy to relax with family. By having good planning, the dream of having a mini-pool, petite, complete with all its accessories can become a reality.

Make Sure enough Land To Build Your Minimalist Pool

If the idea to create a minimalist swimming pool has been pictured in your mind, then you must ensure that the remaining land in the house is still enough to make a swimming pool. Although the pond will be made minimalist style, the landowner should not be just barely. Just imagine for a moment about the size of the pool you dreamed of and imagine also about the decor that you will apply in the pool. For example, with a small island in the middle of a small swimming pool, the plants hanging, even the walls of rocks that will make your pond seem more natural. If you can not guess in the measurements, you can consult the pool maker’s services.

Estimate the Cost of Minimizing Swimming Pools

After determining and making the design in visual form, the third tip is to estimate the cost of making a mini-mine pool. For you to know that the cost to make a swimming pool can be far from conjecture. There are many things that require costs such as pool materials and the cost of making the pool. Both of these costs are the most important costs. There are many other costs that must be prepared such as pool accessories, swimming pools, and the costs associated with mechanical and electrical installations. Not to mention you will have to prepare regular pool maintenance costs for the pool to stay clean and healthy water.


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