What To Know If You Plan To Remove Permanent Tattoo

Today tattoos have become popular body makeup for many people. Unfortunately, there are some people who regret having made a permanent tattoo and intend to delete it. Either because the design is not appropriate, or because there are other things that require them to remove tattoos, like the demands of the job. However, removing tattoos is not as easy as imagined. Because of its permanent nature, tattoos require a special method and time to be lost on the skin. Are you seeking tattoo removal clinics in Lexington Ky? How can you start your research if this is your first experience in removing the tattoo? Since there are so many things to first know, you may have some questions in mind, right?

Why is a permanent tattoo difficult to remove? Permanent tattoos are difficult to remove because making tattoos must inject colored ink into the deepest layers of the skin, which is called the dermis. When ink is injected into the skin layer, your immune system recognizes the ink as a foreign intruder, so white blood cells send troops to try to fight and swallow ink particles. White blood cells then escort ink particles to the liver, where the ink particles are processed and secreted.

Unfortunately, ink particles are much larger and more numerous than white blood cells. This makes tattoos take a long time to fade. Although it can fade, the tattoo will not be able to disappear completely naturally. This is what makes the tattoo permanent and difficult to remove.

In addition, the color and type of tattoo ink used and the skin color of the person being tattooed is also the reason why the tattoo is difficult to remove. Certain tattoo colors such as black, green and dark blue will be easier to remove than red, orange, and white.

As for skin color, people who have dark skin will have more difficulty removing tattoos than people with lighter skin tones. Not only that, in dark skin people there is a risk of scarring or loss of natural skin pigments even if done using laser techniques.


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