Why You Should Go to Dental Clinic

Going to the dentist for some people is something that is often overlooked. In addition to being lazy and feeling the teeth are not in trouble, the cost is relatively expensive, making people feel reluctant to check with the dentist. How often do you go to Sutherland Shire Dental Clinics for the dental checkups or for other dental services and cares?

In fact, dental and oral health is very important to note. Too late to check for teeth that are already in trouble, will make the costs incurred more swollen costs, but health is at stake. It’s a good idea to check the condition regularly every 6 months, but if you experience some of these symptoms, immediately go to the dentist.

Pain and swelling around the mouth, face or neck

Usually, this happens because of cavities, infections, or gum problems. It is better if you feel pain accompanied by swelling, fever or pus and fluid out, immediately consult a dentist to find out the root cause.

Teeth feel sore when eating hot and cold foods and drinks

Teeth that feel sore will make appetite decrease. Usually, teeth are sensitive and aching due to cavities, cracked teeth, eroded tooth enamel or interference with the gums. Immediately check with the dentist to eliminate more serious damage and you can go back to eating your favorite food or drink.

Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation in the gums due to hardening of the dental plaque by bacteria that accumulate under the gums. Well if you do not immediately see a doctor, it will cause rocking teeth and problematic gums that interfere with daily activities.

There are wounds around the mouth that do not heal

One that often occurs is thrush around the mouth. Other types of mouth sores such as leukoplakia and candidiasis that occur due to infection from bacteria, viruses or fungi. Another thing that happened was also caused by braces, dentures, broken teeth or sharp teeth.


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