You Need To Know This If You’re Going To Be Imprisoned Soon

Don’t trust anyone in the prison environment. Remember, when you are inside, you are living with people with various crime cases like murderers, thieves, rapists, fraudsters, robbers, terrorists, etc. Everyone who tries to approach you who might be in your opinion actually has a hidden intention to use you. Therefore, be careful and beware of people in the environment around you. Aside from that, if you want to help your son who is in jail, then you can hire the best Bail Bonds Orange County.

In addition, don’t be surprised when you first enter a detention cell, you will be asked for money or other valuables attached to your body. And if you don’t have money or other valuables, then the head of the room (the strongest prisoner who leads the detention cell room) at that time will ask for your family’s cellphone number. And if your family number has been obtained, then the head of the room will contact your family via a mobile phone and ask for some money for your family. If your family does not want to give this amount of money then the head of the room will threaten to persecute you or even kill you. The use of cellphones in the prison itself turned out to be a long time ago and senior inmates could get cellphones through some of their colleagues outside and smuggle them into prison. Sad indeed, but through my personal experience, if you are asked for your family’s cellphone number, you better not give it. Indeed, when you do not give your cellphone number, you will be oppressed, persecuted, stripped, and even urinated. However, it is better than you have to trouble your family and loved ones.

Then, tell your family and people closest to you not to visit you for at least 6 months. Reflecting on my experience while in prison, when you are visited by your family or the closest person, then every meal, clothing or other items provided by your family can never be enjoyed by you or because you visit after all that will be taken and seized by other prisoners. You may re-inform your family to visit you after you feel the situation in prison is conducive and safe for you to visit.


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