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Walgreens CMO Pat McLean On Becoming A Digital Health-And-Wellness Brand

When Pat McLean joined Walgreens as CMO in November of 2019, he made some big plans for 2020 that included sponsoring the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Then a global pandemic happened. And while the 119-year-old retailer sprang into action as an essential service, the crisis exposed the company’s lagging digital strategy. With a renewed focus on health and wellness, McLean is committed to setting the brand apart and making critical investments to bridge the digital gap.

Rob Reed (RR): You joined Walgreens as CMO late last year, so the majority of your time has pretty much been during the pandemic. You obviously went into 2020 with a marketing plan. How has that changed?

Pat McLean (PM): Well, it’s changed dramatically. It’s been an amazing ride. I mean, 10 months. Some days it feels like it’s been about three years just because of everything

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OrangeTheory Fitness in Milford adds new outdoor classes

The studio reopened back during Phase 2 with new indoor safety protocols like smaller class sizes, temperature checks, and social distancing signs.

MILFORD, Conn. — One gym in Milford is taking its classes outside to keep members safe and healthy during the COVID pandemic.

The studio reopened back during Phase 2 with new indoor safety protocols like smaller class sizes, temperature checks, social distancing signs, and deep cleaning in between all classes. 

For those members not feeling quite comfortable with an indoor class, this new outdoor option offers members an even safer way to stay active. 

“We do have some people that are a little bit nervous to be inside still, understandably, so we thought, let’s bring the workout outside, it’s a beautiful day, we have this great space, and you can still get all of your workouts,” said head coach of Milford’s OrangeTheory Fitness Heidi Langan.

“One of the

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Opioids continue to be the leading cause of overdose deaths in Australia. What else can we do?

In 2018, more than 2,000 people died from drug overdoses in Australia — about five each day.

That’s according to the Penington Institute’s annual overdose report, released today.

The largest number of overdose deaths (more than 1,000) involved opioids (for example, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl), followed by benzodiazepines (for example, Valium).

Opioid-related deaths in Australia have been on an upward trend in recent years, having doubled since 2006. This means we’re now not far off numbers recorded in the late 1990s, when opioid-related deaths were highest. There’s more we could be doing to curb this problem.

What kind of opioids are causing harm?

Unlike North America, where illicitly manufactured fentanyl has been involved in many opioid deaths, most opioid deaths in Australia involve pharmaceutical opioids.

That said, heroin deaths have increased over the past five years.

Among all opioid deaths, just over half of people overdosing have a history of

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Questions raised over health benefits of Lewis Road Creamery collagen-infused milk

Lewis Road Creamery is now making milk with added bovine collagen.


Lewis Road Creamery is now making milk with added bovine collagen.

Premium dairy brand Lewis Road Creamery has come under fire from the consumer watchdog for claims it made about the potential health benefits of its latest product.

Last week, Lewis Road Creamery released a 150ml milk product, which costs $5 and contains 5g of added bovine collagen.

On its website, the company stated the collagen it used had been “scientifically shown to regenerate joint cartilage [and] stimulate the body’s own mechanisms for maintaining healthy joints and optimum mobility”. However, it removed the comment after receiving a complaint from Consumer New Zealand.

The jury is out on whether collagen supplements, like the one used in the milk, can improve joint health.

* Would you like collagen with that?
* Lewis Road to sell milk with added collagen, as demand for ‘functional food’ grows
* Are collagen supplements

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