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Health and Wellness in a Pandemic

Kittens RescueTina shows us how you can rescue kittens that need a home

Big Pumpkin CarvingLori is with Jack the pumpkin grower and watches him carve the big pumpkin!

Good Day RewindSee what you missed on today’s show

Virtual Job and Internship FairTina talks with Sac State’s Career Center about their Virtual Job and Internship Fair coming up.

Question of the Day – 10/5Tina has today’s question: What arcade game were (or are) you really good at? And then we have a little time to kill until the end of the show…

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Contest PreviewThe Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Weigh-Off is next week! Cameron Palmer, the Chairman of the Weigh-Off joins Cody to give us a preview, and how much it pays to the winner!

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Even as gyms partially reopen, fitness companies face an uphill climb

Face down in a prison yard, with bullets zipping over his head and a riot broiling all around him, Don Dickerson committed to start living a clean life that would make a positive impact on the community.

He’s made good on that promise, helping Fitness SF expand to eight gyms that promote physical and mental health in the Bay Area and serving on a series of nonprofit boards that provide amity in a variety of sectors.

But after 16-plus years as the director of operations and then vice president of Fitness SF, Dickerson can’t help but feel as though he’s been forced back to lying in the dirt as chaos surrounds him.

Like so many other businesses in San Francisco, Fitness SF is at a crisis point. If city officials do not start responding to the virus in a data-driven manner, the fitness industry will be nothing but a memory.

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Victoria Beckham’s hair stylist reveals the secret to healthy hair

Gallery: Bitten Nails Over Lockdown? Here’s 6 Nail Growth Polishes to Get You Back on Track (Women’s Health UK)

There are many things Victoria Beckham has that we’d like for ourselves: a fashion empire, a wardrobe full of coveted pieces, luxury homes around the world and one of the most handsome men in the world on her arm. And though many of those things are hard to emulate in our normal day-to-day lives, we can definitely take one aspect of her life into our own: her haircare.

Victoria Beckham sitting in front of a building: Celebrity Hairstylist to Victoria Beckham, Jason Collier, has revealed that the secret to healthy, celebrity-chic, hair is collagen.

© Ellen Von Unwerth for Harper’s Bazaar
Celebrity Hairstylist to Victoria Beckham, Jason Collier, has revealed that the secret to healthy, celebrity-chic, hair is collagen.

Celebrity hairstylist, Jason Collier, who styles the locks of Beckham, has revealed the secret to healthy, glossy hair: collagen.

“Collagen can act as an antioxidant to fight cell damage, as studies suggest free radical damage to the cells

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