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ADM spotlights six emerging health and wellness trends from gut health to immune function

Recent ADM OutsideVoice research shows that 77% of consumers intend to make more attempts to stay healthy in the future, and food and beverage manufacturers who successfully manage to balance consumer health concerns with affordability are most likely to win with consumers.

“This evolution is providing a unique opportunity for forward-looking food and beverage companies to bring a suite of trailblazing new products to market,”​ said Ana Ferrell, VP of Marketing, ADM.

1. Increased focus on gut health and immune function connection

Globally, 57% of consumers report being more concerned about their immunity as a result of COVID-19, according to ADM OutsideVoice research.

“As consumers strive to enhance their immunity, they are becoming more knowledgeable about how the human microbiome supports the immune system and overall wellbeing. Products containing probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics can benefit the microbiome and are already gaining momentum in the marketplace,”​ said ADM in

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Gyms and fitness industry worldwide and in Jamaica buckles under COVID-19 effects

The fitness industry and gyms in Jamaica and across the world are buckling from the severe impact of COVID-19. This as membership and business activities continue to dwindle for these entities.

Speaking with the Business Observer, Nicholas Rizzo, fitness research director at RunRepeat in the United States, said that operators in the fitness industry globally has seen drastic declines since the onset of the pandemic.

“The entire landscape for how gyms operate has changed and major companies, corporations to small local gyms will have to adapt immediately,” he told the Business Observer.

Referring to the findings from an earlier survey done by his company among a sample size of 10, 824 gym members across 116 countries, 46.7 per cent of the respondents indicated that they would not be returning to the gym even after they were reopened in May. Key findings from that survey revealed that more than

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Dentists advise against participating in TikTok teeth filing challenge

BOSTON (NewsNation Now) — There are some TikTok challenges that are raising health concerns, and the latest one involves people filing down their own teeth.

In a TikTok video sent to NewsNation, you can see a teenage girl using a nail file to alter the appearance of her teeth.

“It’s been a strange year. We’ve been in quarantine. We are seeing people do things, DIY in quarantine, like now visits to salons to fix our DIY haircuts, but when it comes to altering our teeth, I absolutely don’t recommend that,” said Dr. Brittany Seymour.

Seymour is the global health discipline director and an associate professor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine

“No, don’t file your beautiful teeth!” said Seymour.

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Enjoy yummy, healthy fall flavors: Dr. Nina Radcliff | Latest Headlines

• Ginger, rich in health benefits, is often used to soothe upset stomachs and reduce nausea. It is also linked to brain function, possibly protecting against Alzheimer’s Disease. Ginger contains a component called gingerol that can help keep infections at bay.

• Nutmeg has been linked to reducing feelings of pain associated with strains, injuries and even arthritis. It also has impressive fiber content that can help promote healthy digestion.

• Clove, similar to cinnamon, is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, which can neutralize free radicals and benefit your health overall. Also, clove contains antimicrobial properties that can help keep bacteria at bay and promote oral health. Additionally, it also helps support healthy blood sugar levels and liver and bone health.

• Allspice, with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, can also help boost the immune system. Boasting significant copper and iron levels that are essential to red blood cells,

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