January 20, 2021


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Beware of These 5 Mistakes That May be Hampering Your Fitness Progress During COVID-19 Pandemic

© Juhi Kumari | India.com Lifestyle Staff Workout at home (Representational Image) COVID-19 pandemic has...

Workout at home (Representational Image)

© Juhi Kumari | India.com Lifestyle Staff
Workout at home (Representational Image)

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a major change in everybody’s life. Those who are obsessed with workouts have no other option than to do their daily fitness exercises at home. Sometimes, this may seem boring and gradually demotivating. Working out at a gym is not at all similar to shedding sweat in one of the corners of your house. It doesn’t give you that much-needed vibe of keeping yourself fit and a sense of achievement. At home, there is an array of distractions that can make you skip certain exercises or avoid doing them perfectly. You must know that any mistake while doing exercise can cost too much by hampering your fitness progress. Here, we tell you about certain common mistakes that you could be doing during a workout at home.

Skipping Warm-up Sessions

Warm-up is extremely important to do before indulging in a heavy workout. It prepares your body for intense exercises by making your muscles flexible. Also, doing warm-up reduces your risk of getting injured during a workout. So, no matter where you are working out, warm-up is a must.

Doing Exercises without a Plan

When you go to a gym, your fitness instructor takes care of your workout plan. He/she tells you the series of workouts you need to perform and also makes sure you do them correctly. However, at home, you become a bit lenient and do not have a plan. You just keep on doing exercises. This can lead to a loss of motivation soon. Also, it won’t help you reap the benefits of the exercises you are doing. So, you must set a daily target and the kind of exercises you need to perform each day. Target a few muscle groups in a day.

Incorrect Postures or Forms

The right posture and correct forms are extremely important while you working out. Not being vigilant about them can delay the benefits of the exercises. In a gym, your trainer looks after these things however, at home, you are your trainer. So, do the steps slowly to keep a check on your moves correctly.

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