Cuomo: Gyms are still considered ‘high-risk activity’; no date on reopening

The governor shared that gyms have submitted limited-use plans which are being reviewed.

ALBANY, N.Y. — With more and more businesses reopening across the state, Governor Andrew Cuomo provided an update into gyms and bowling alleys reopening. 

Governor Cuomo said Thursday during a conference call that gyms are still considered a, “high-risk activity.” The governor shared that gyms have submitted limited-use plans which are being reviewed.

“On gyms, these have been the nationally identified sources of increased infection. We have some data here. We have some experience here. We know gyms are highly problematic. Not from our experience because we haven’t opened them, but we know from the other states, they’ve been highly problematic,” said Cuomo. “We know from the other states. They opened them, and they had to close them. That’s a fact. Well, ‘I want to go to my gym.’ I understand. I understand, but we also know that is a dangerous activity. We are poised here delicately, this island of New York State, with the sea of spread all around us. So we know we have this storm of spread all around us. And we have to be very, very careful right? “

“Health experts nationally have identified gyms and the activities that take place in gyms as high-risk activities, as the governor pointed out. We are looking at it every day. We are looking at various plans from… different gyms around the state have submitted various limited-use plans. We are reviewing those to see if there’s an opportunity to reduce the risk based on this limited activity. But other states around us, New Jersey, continue to have gyms closed for the very reasons that the governor just articulated. And in other states that had them open, we’ve seen them open and then we’ve seen them close as a result of infections and clusters that have occurred. We’re going to continue to look at it,” said Budget Director Robert Mujica

Cuomo also stated that from other states’ experience, gyms are problematic and show a link to a spread of COVID-10.

The governor did not give a date or deadline to make a decision on the reopening of gyms. 

On Thursday, an outdoor rally was held outside of the Catalyst Fitness on Maple Road in Amherst to bring attention and call for the governor to open gyms back up.

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