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• Ginger, rich in health benefits, is often used to soothe upset stomachs and reduce nausea. It is also linked to brain function, possibly protecting against Alzheimer’s Disease. Ginger contains a component called gingerol that can help keep infections at bay.

• Nutmeg has been linked to reducing feelings of pain associated with strains, injuries and even arthritis. It also has impressive fiber content that can help promote healthy digestion.

• Clove, similar to cinnamon, is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, which can neutralize free radicals and benefit your health overall. Also, clove contains antimicrobial properties that can help keep bacteria at bay and promote oral health. Additionally, it also helps support healthy blood sugar levels and liver and bone health.

• Allspice, with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, can also help boost the immune system. Boasting significant copper and iron levels that are essential to red blood cells, it has been shown to boost circulation and even warm the body.

• Herbs such as sage, rosemary, turmeric, cilantro, cumin, thyme, paprika all offer incredible health benefits along with great flavors to favorite fall dishes while enriching lives with great fragrances.

Apples. Differing in colors, flavors and textures, apples are antioxidant powerhouses known to help disarm or neutralize harmful waste products that would otherwise cause inflammation, atherosclerosis, dementia, and DNA mutations that may lead to cancerous growth.

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