How to eat when you have diabetes?

Healthy eating will help to prevent, control, and possibly reverse diabetes. People with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease and mental health disorders. Many cases of type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Trying to correct diabetes should have you eating a balanced diet that boosts energy and improves your mood.

To correct diabetes, one should pay attention to food choices, most notably, carbohydrates. By eating healthier, being physically active, and trying to lose weight, one can reduce the symptoms of diabetes or reverse it.

There are so many myths concerning diabetes that includes you: not eating carbohydrates at all, avoiding sugar at all costs, needing a special diabetic meal, needing to eat a high protein diet, and others. The principles of healthy eating applying to non-diabetic patients are the same with diabetic patients. You do not need to avoid your favorite treats as a person with diabetes. All you need to do is plan what you eat, and how you eat what you eat.

What are the foods you should eat? 

·        Eat more of whole grains

Foods that like wheat, steel-cut or rolled oats, cornmeal, barley, and quinoa should be eaten more. Limit foods like white bread, regular pasta, sugary cereals, et cetera.

·        Replace some carbohydrates with good fat

Cheese, yogurts, milk are foods you can take as a person with diabetes. For lactose intolerant diabetics, you can get kinds of milk that are lactose-free.

·        Foods that would not spike up your blood sugar

Focus on high-fiber complex carbohydrates as they are digested more slowly, preventing the body from producing too much insulin. Instead of white rice, you should take brown rice, more sweet potatoes, yams, et cetera. Read about diabetic kitchen and find out more on what to eat and whatnot.

·        Vegetables

Eating vegetables is always advised as it is very healthy. Try broccoli, carrots, greens, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, green peas, and many more.

·        Fruits

Bananas, apples, grapes, melon, oranges, berries, et cetera should be taken most often. Fruits are very healthy and necessary for the well-being of the body.

·        Protein

Dried beans, chickpeas, split peas, lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu, and others should be eaten regularly.

What are the foods to be avoided?

  • Foods with high salt quantity should be severely avoided
  • Fried foods and foods high in saturated fats
  • Beverages with added sugars
  • Alcohol should be avoided or drunk moderately.

How much should I eat as a diabetic?

Eating the right amount of food will help you manage the glucose level of your blood and weight. Create an eating plan that will help you eat a more balanced diet and also prevent you from overeating.

Benefits of eating right as a person with diabetes?

A balanced diet for people with diabetes will prevent complications by;

  • Controlling the blood sugar level
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Reducing the risks of kidney diseases
  • Lowering the risks of heart disease
  • Correcting the diabetes disease.

Having diabetes should not prevent you from enjoying your favorite snack, but you do so with moderation. Eat sweets with meals rather than as a stand-alone snack. You can order for a healthy meal box that has the ingredients needed as a diabetic patient to eat healthy and balanced meals.

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