Is it more beneficial to play sports in the evening or the morning?

There is an old debate among sports enthusiasts on : is it better to exercise in the morning or the evening? Finding the right time for physical training is a matter of personal choice.

Morning workout:

1.   Extra energy for the rest of the day

As many studies suggest, morning workouts are recommended for speeding up metabolism. This means that a 30 to 45-minute workout provides energy for the rest of the day, thanks to the endorphins that are released after physical exertion. It is very important to seek advice on US fitness companies online reviews. You can find very important things

It has also been shown that after a 45-minute morning workout, women are more likely to choose smaller portions and make healthier food choices, and have more physical activity throughout the day.

Exercise helps stimulate endorphins in the body, making you feel calmer, happier, and more positive. That’s why morning workouts can be a great way to start the day. Also, you will see an improvement in work and social life, starting the day with the right dose of energy.

2.   Higher fat-burning potential

Morning training can give your metabolism a massive boost, helping your body burn more calories/fat during the day, compared to an equally intense evening workout. Since you have already started the day in force, you will not want to lose all the effort made by consuming unhealthy foods. You will be able to manage your appetite more efficiently and, most importantly, you will choose salads and protein-rich dishes. Also, a morning workout will require a more nutritious dinner, to keep up with the effort and the challenges of a new day. So you have to be careful what food you choose for the required amount.


Waking up in the morning

For some of us, waking up in bed early in the morning can feel like a real challenge. If you are not used to morning workouts and you are forced to get out of bed while the phone is on snooze, you will probably not put in maximum effort in training, as you would in the evening. Also, if not planned properly, waking up in the morning can cause sleep disturbances or a lack of rest.

Rigid muscles

Because our body is like a motor, our muscles and joints are tenser in the morning. So to reduce the risk of injury, you will need to spend more time warming up before your morning workout. A study by the City University of New York showed that muscles and joints are 20% more flexible during the evening.

Evening training:


1. Reduce stress after extended working hours

After a difficult day at work, very effective relaxation therapy in the evening training session. Whether it’s fitness, kickboxing, or running, doing sports at the end of a hard day’s work can be a good way to reduce your daily stress level.

2. Workouts never longer

Because you no longer have to think about work, you can spend more time at the gym. That means prolonged and proper warm-up and more consistent exercise.


Sleep problems

The overall quality of sleep can be influenced by training that takes place 2-3 hours before bedtime. Depending on the intensity of the exercises, it is possible to leave the gym full of energy, and then it will be much more difficult to fall asleep.


For most of you, it can be very difficult to find the motivation to run after a long day of work. So, even if you have good intentions, you are less likely to do sports in the evening and opt for other activities, such as attending dinner with friends or just watching movies on the couch.

Sports practiced in the evening


  • Helps you relax – After a hard day at work, certain demanding exercises will help you eliminate the accumulated tension and detach. Thus, your condition will be better and you will enjoy the hours spent after you get home differently.
  • Energizes you – When you return from work, you feel exhausted and have no energy to play with children or do household chores. If you do sports in the second part of the day, then you will have enough energy to finish everything you have to do.

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