Parents Less Aware When Their Children Vape Than When They Smoke

When parents set strict household rules regarding not using tobacco, their kids were less likely to start tobacco use. Just talking to kids about not smoking is very less effective.

‘Strict household rules about not using tobacco are the best way to prevent tobacco use among youth.

“We know that tobacco-free homes are a fundamental tool to help prevent smoking by kids,” stated corresponding and senior author Benjamin Chaffee.

“Tobacco use by kids is troubling, and dentists, like all healthcare providers, should be worried about preventing youth tobacco use,” Chaffee stated.

The smoking landscape has dramatically improved over the last decade, particularly among youth, for whom cigarette smoking has declined while electronic cigarettes use soared. Last year, over 1 in 4 high school students was vaping, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study utilized data from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study to examine awareness of youth tobacco use among parents and the role of household tobacco rules in preventing smoking.

The study found that parents were more likely to suspect that their kid was using a tobacco product if the kid was male, older, identified as white, and lived with a tobacco user and if the parents were less educated. Mothers are more aware than fathers, points out the new study.

“Creating tobacco-free home environments is one strategy parents can use to set norms and expectations about tobacco use,” the author stated. “And for healthcare providers, increasing parental awareness should be part of overall guidance and tobacco-prevention support.”

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