Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition is a beast of a work laptop

Xiaomi has finally entered India‘s laptop market with a please-all machine that gets a lot right, and pushes other makers to step up their game. The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition packs impressive hardware for an all-purpose laptop that doesn’t cost very much (the top-of-the-line model costs Rs. 60,000 ($788)), and it should delight most folks who want a truly portable machine.

While the company has previously offered laptops in its home base of China, it’s taken its own sweet time to make them available in India. According to Jaipal Singh, an associate research manager at market analysis firm IDC India, the domestic laptop market is shifting towards slimmer and more compact models, and that’s where Xiaomi‘s latest devices fit in. Here’s what you get for your money.


I’ve gotta hand it to Xiaomi – the Horizon Edition is really impressively built for a laptop at this price point. There’s no flex on the display or keyboard panels, the exterior is devoid of branding and looks clean, and the entire body is indeed compact for a 14-incher. Oh, and you can open it with one hand!

Look ma, no branding on the exterior
Credit: Abhimanyu Ghoshal