As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians are increasingly concerned about their health and safety. Authorities in Canada are working to contain the spread of COVID-19, which the World Health Organization deemed a pandemic in mid-March. This is a timeline of cases from May 1-15. For […]

Over the past couple of months, many states and cities have outlined their plans for reopening businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout that process, the funny folks on Twitter have shared how they really feel about these seemingly premature moves.  The coronavirus crisis is far from over, and public health experts […]

It seems the COVID-19 nightmare isn’t going to conclude anytime soon, since we’re months into the pandemic and are projected to have months, if not years, left to go. Given the uncertainty of what lies ahead, many people have begun investigating how best to protect themselves from whatever biological threats […]

Scientists analysed fossilised teeth of 106 individuals buried in southern Spain Marks on dental records of females show they used their teeth to make textiles Certain jobs were reserved exclusively for women during Spanish Bronze Age Female-dominated jobs included production of hand-crafted threads and metals Some textile-related work tasks were only […]

My mother and I are twins, in the fraternal sense. Ignoring the impossibility of the premise, one out of two strangers assume us to be siblings. When she’d come to pick me up early from school for an appointment or spontaneous thrifting trip, the administrator would say, “Oh I’m sorry, […]