Don’t Give These Things To Your Friends

Gifts are what everyone is waiting for when they achieve something.
If you have a friend who just graduated from school or in pleasure, you can give them welsh slate personalized and trophies.
There are many types of slate and marble shapes that you can give as gifts such as, for dining table decorations, speech trophies, or slate signs.
However, there are some prizes that you should avoid because they have some bad meanings according to some beliefs.
The following are objects that you may not give to your friends:

Knife or scissors
Giving something sharp, like a knife or scissors is bad luck because it is considered to be able to break ties.
Even though it has a nice and unique design, this gift doesn’t seem to need you to give.

The idea of giving shoes often arises especially when confused about having to buy a gift.
Especially for friends or family who like to dress up.
Giving someone a new shoe such as a gift on a holiday or birthday can be considered as a sign that the recipient will stay away from you.

Watch or wall clock
If you are looking for a gift for friends, family, or a partner who adheres to the Chinese tradition strongly, then avoid giving hours.
The phrase “give a clock” in Chinese is pronounced similar to “attending a father’s funeral”. This indicates a sad event that will come in the future.

If giving someone a wallet as a gift in a special moment, make sure you put at least one coin in it.
This is considered to bring good luck where the wallet will never be empty. In addition, the wallet signifies wealth in the future.

In some cultures, perfume gifts can symbolize the desire to attract someone. Even though it’s good for single people.
But, perfume is not a good gift for couples, who are considered to be able to bring other people into your relationship.


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