Here Are Four Types Of SEO That You Can Use

At present, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed an important part of digital marketing. Everyone needs SEO so that their business runs well. Many people also use SEO for all their businesses. However, SEO optimization must go well. You must maximize the SEO for your business. You can use the services of agencia seo alicante so you can get optimal SEO optimization.

SEO optimization is something you must do well. There are many people who do SEO optimization properly so that their business can increase. SEO can increase your company’s website traffic. SEO has several types. These are some types of SEO in general.

1. Page SEO
This type of SEO works by modifying the page name. For example, the original page is ertikel.php. You can use the rewrite module to change the name. You can change the name according to your wishes. Techniques can also improve website security. This is because visitors who plan to enter your website do not know what files are active.

2. Title SEO
The title of a page is divided into 2, namely static title and dynamic title. If you use a static title, the title applies to all website pages. If you use dynamic titles, the title refers to one article title.

This type of SEO is almost the same as Page SEO. The difference is that SEO URLs are dynamic. Usually, the URL is the title of the article itself.

4. Content SEO
This is an SEO technique by writing relevant article content and supporting it with the article title. If you write articles about online businesses, then you have to explain the meaning of online business, the type of online business, and the reason for making an online business. You can develop various ideas from the theme.

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