The choice of food is adapted to the ferret age

Do you keep a ferret? Wow! Nice! Because the ferret is a very suitable animal to be your friend. He can strike to comfort you, hug you and play with you. Of course, you have to take good care of your sights do not you? Take care with all your heart. Get the best ferret food on our website.

How to? First, of course, you should know about the good food menu is given to your beloved ferret.

– The best food for a ferret that is still a baby aged 0-2 months is milk.

Just not like us? Still baby given milk. The strain may be a non-lactose vanilla powder. Dairy should use small dots for animals. The best dairy is every 4 hours. When you enter the age of one month, you can start giving baby porridge as a main meal or fruit in puree in the blender first. Can also be given delicate foods such as chicken liver, eggs, cat food in the puree and mixed with a little into the milk.

– The best food for ferrets that are still children aged 2-4 months is high protein.

In addition to the baby porridge, you can provide rice mixed soy sauce for ferrets who have started to eat themselves. Ferret is also very happy to eat fruits. So do not forget to give the fruits such as bananas and papaya are soft at giving at least 2x a week. Provision of supplements is also on the run continues. You can also at least once a week to give a boiled chicken head and do not forget to provide a drink.

– The best food for ferrets who are old enough aged 4 months and over is a live food.

Mature ferrets love to eat-live foods like insects, earthworms, rats, lizards and other small animals. And do not forget to keep giving fruits and supplement. Also may be given honey because ferret also likes honey.


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