These Are The Best Body Parts For Tattoos

Some people are comfortable just making tattoos on body parts that tend to be open and can be seen by many people, while others prefer body parts that are rather hidden or easily covered in clothing. The choice is yours, but in addition to aesthetic and privacy factors, you also have to consider the skin on the body part that will relax with age or if you’re lady, the skin might be affected due to your pregnancy process in the future. Apart from that, if you also love to swim, perhaps you need to wear the best waterproof tattoo coverup.

Discuss it with a tattoo artist before deciding or you can consider a number of body parts below:

Your Back

Every day the back section is more covered in clothing and the area of skin in this area is also an ideal location for tattoos because it is not exposed to ultraviolet light and tends to last as long as age. When on the beach or wearing backless clothes, don’t forget to wipe the sunblock to protect your skin and skin.

Inner arm

If you are an active person outside the room, having a tattoo on the outer arm is not a good idea. Conversely, the inner arm is a better choice because it tends to be protected from exposure to ultraviolet light which is able to fade the color of the tattoo.

Outer collarbone

If you want to have tattoos on the chest, the outer part of the collarbone is the best location because this section tends to be not exposed to sunlight and easily covered in clothing or scarves. The skin in this area also tends not to relax with age which is an important factor in how the tattoo will last.


Tattoos under the hairline on the back of the neck include lasting, especially if you have long hair that can cover the tattoo and protect it from the sun.

Upper ribs

The upper rib section is a good location because protected clothing and skin in this area include those that tend not to stretch easily when you are pregnant.


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