Paternity test during pregnancy

Paternity test during pregnancy

For many couples, the day when they become parents is a dream come true. However, a baby is not always a cause for joy. If you have doubts about your paternity, you no longer have to wait until the baby is born. Laboratories such as dnacentre offer a paternity test that can be carried out from the seventh week of pregnancy and requires a blood sample from the mother to extract the baby’s DNA. This test is just as efficient as the one performed when the baby is already born, so you don’t have to wait to find out if you will be a father or not. The non-invasive prenatal test does not pose a risk to the baby in the womb, so its development is not affected. The only requirement is that the couple comes to the laboratory to provide their DNA samples. People can schedule this visit on the laboratory’s website.

How does this test help the couple?

When a man and a woman no longer feel affection for each other, but there is a pregnancy involved, they both have to make decisions focused on the welfare of their baby. It is common for men to say that “this is not a child of mine.” In these cases, a paternity test can help clarify the picture. If the result is negative, the woman and the man can move on with their lives separately. If the test is positive, both have to make agreements about the upbringing and support of the baby. Parents must understand that the child will need care from both, even if they are separated. A paternity test can help to establish responsibility from the time of pregnancy and increase the chances of a healthy baby because the woman is not facing this new experience alone.

Can the results be used in court?

Laboratories offer two types of paternity tests, one cheaper than the other. If you only want to use the results to know whether or not you are the father, you can buy the cheapest paternity test. The cost of a court-admissible paternity test is higher because the law requires licensed medical personnel to collect the samples. In addition, the laboratory must be able to take custody of these samples to ensure they have not been tampered with. Finally, the judge receives the results directly from the laboratory in sealed correspondence. All this additional protocol makes these tests more expensive. Before taking a paternity test, choose the right one for your needs.

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