The importance of a health insurance in the time of the coronavirus

The importance of a health insurance in the time of the coronavirus

Health is a highly discussed topic at national and international level, especially in the context of the onset of the pandemic. It can also be seen that there has been a change in mentality regarding consumption habits and healthcare choices.

Thus, the options offered by international health insurance have come to the fore, which guarantees the best medical services at the highest standards, both in the country and abroad.

You’ve been thinking more about health lately, haven’t you? We all did. We thought, first of all, about how we can protect ourselves and those close to us. Entrepreneurs and managers have thought about how they can protect their employees. Doctors, authorities and insurers have thought about how they can protect us all.

According to ReviewsBird USA, People are thinking more about private health insurance this year. And insurers have begun to reconfigure their offerings, add or eliminate covered risks.

Safe in times of pandemic

Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) broke out on December 31, 2019 in the Wuhan region of China. Since then, it has spread to several regions of the country, later affecting the rest of the continents, with more than 72 countries reporting at least one case so far.

COVID-19 is part of the broad family of coronaviruses that can cause mild conditions such as colds, but also serious diseases such as MERS-cov or SARS-cov. Coronaviruses can be transmitted from animals to humans and are most often manifested by respiratory conditions, which have symptoms such as runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever, and in babies, gastrointestinal problems.

Health care is constant for all of us, becoming a priority in the context of today’s difficult trials. But we also look to the future, when the travel restrictions will disappear and access to the top health care provided by insurers will be able to help us to recover or maintain the level of health we want. All insurers are open, have taken the recommended measures for social distancing and have asked employees to work from home.

Even in these conditions, the services for pre-treatment authorization and for the payment of reimbursement requests are fully functional.

Also, safety is not just about getting sick. It is necessary to feel safe when you go on an adventure. You must, of course, follow the safety rules, but you must be sure that everything is fine. 4TheOutdoors has been specially designed for the safety of adventurous people. You can also consider this in addition to health insurance.

Is COVID – 19 treatment covered?

Whether we are talking about insurers that implicitly cover epidemics or pandemics (CIGNA Global) or others that exclude such situations under insurance conditions, all international health insurance providers have confirmed that they cover treatment claims that may result from infection with SARS-VOC-2 coronavirus.

In many countries the situation may be under the control of public authorities and private treatment or testing alternatives may not be available, but for each insured who has symptoms or becomes infected, the insurer will analyze the particular context and do everything possible to help.

COVID-19 testing is currently coordinated and performed by public health systems around the world. If not available locally, insurers will cover the medical testing required for COVID-19, in accordance with the coverage of the insurance plan, as well as for the diagnosis of other diseases and in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Why is health insurance important?

Specialists recommend that you find out about insurance, read reviews about health insurances, talk to an agent or simply ask before saying no. You may find that you need more than you thought before. Unforeseen events can often take you by surprise and affect both you and those around you or the business you coordinate, its employees, etc.

The first step is of course to realize that you are exposed every day to different types of risks, which have both an emotional and financial impact. Insurance is a method that reduces the cost of losses or the effects caused by them, as follows:

  • Insurance offers protection 24 hours a day, wherever you are (except in high-risk areas, such as war zones);
  • The insured pays an insurance premium (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually) and the insurance company takes the risk for unforeseen events.
  • Insurance can be a source of long-term savings or investment and accelerates economic growth (insurance turns capital into investment, increases financial stability and trade).

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