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How to protect your skin when outside more due to COVID-19


With more people exercising outside due to COVID-19, you have to protect yourself from too much sun exposure. Start with wearing sun-protective clothing.

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When it comes to the sun, I prefer no sun exposure at all. But that’s not always realistic, especially now with COVID — outside is the safest place to exercise.

So, how do you protect your skin in the sun? Here are my top tips that I personally recommend to my patients to keep their skin protected.

Wear sun-protective clothing. Hold the clothing up to the light. If you are able to see light through the fabric, it has less protection than if you do not see light. For example, a white T-shirt only has an SPF of 3 to 5, so it is best to get UPF-labeled sun-protective clothing instead.

Wear sunscreen. I recommend an SPF of 40 or higher when out in

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How To Moisturise Dark Skin & Black Skin

The temperature is starting to dip; the chill in the air and the brown-tinged leaves can only mean one thing – winter is coming. Not to sound all Game of Thrones, but cold weather, coupled with icy wind and indoor heat can often spell disaster for skin health.

Not to bore you with the science but there’s such a thing called Transepidermal Water Loss and this really refers to the way in which moisture is sapped from the upper layers of our skin. Climatic factors such as cold and wind heighten this process and the effect on our skin is further exacerbated by constant temperature fluctuations when you move between warm and cold environments.

Black skin, in particular, suffers in cold weather. Research tells us that black skin is more prone to the drying effects of winter weather because we loose moisture at a fast rate than other ethnicities.

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The Best Face Wash For Different Skin Types

Not all skin has the same characteristics so not all skin should be using the same cleanser. The best face wash for your skin type is one that balances oil, hydrates, controls excess or whatever else your skin is currently craving. Those with dry, combination, oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin need to look for a cleanser that contains the ingredients your skin needs. Not sure your skin type? Well, there’s a pretty easy way to find out.

Wash your skin and pat it dry. Don’t apply any moisturizers or serums for an hour. How does it feel? If it’s tight, it’s probably dry. Excess oil popping up? You just might be oily. Or, you could be a combination of them both. Unfortunately, if your skin is acne-prone or sensitive, you probably already know. Everything from hormonal and cystic acne to blackheads and whiteheads can benefit from an acne-fighting face wash.

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Feed your skin with these foods

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‘The secret that transformed my skin for the better’

Achieving good skin doesn’t have to be stressful. That lit-from-within glow may seem elusive, but a healthy complexion is easily within your reach.

As proof, we asked three women with enviable skin to reveal the secrets they swear by, from yoga poses to wonder products and tasty foods, while Dr Amiee Vyas, aesthetic doctor and educator in cosmetic dermatology, explains why each approach really does work.

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– Eve Cameron, Good Housekeeping Beauty Director

“I owe my glow as much to my downward dogs as my beauty shelf. I wholeheartedly believe in the yoga glow and research shows that even a short practice every day can help to reduce stress hormones in your body and improve sleep quality.

“Long-term stress is linked to ageing of the skin, so my advice is to find something to help reduce your stress levels and ultimately, you will see fresher, healthier-looking skin. That

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National Nutrition Week: What are Acai berries, how to make acai bowls and can acai berries fight Covid-19 – health

Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berries are one of the healthiest berry varieties in the world along with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and others. They are about 1-inch (2.5-cm) round that grow on acai palms in the Amazon rainforests. Their dark purple skin and yellow flesh cover a large seed, while the pits are similar to those of apricots and olives.

Technically acai berries are drupes but are still considered a part of the berry family. They are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body and are also known to aid weight loss, reduce bad cholesterol, and promote a healthy heart.

Acai berries are usually soaked to soften their outer skin and mashed to form a dark purple paste. The shelf-life of fresh Acai berries is a small window, hence these are largely exported in puréed or powder form to add to meals, smoothies and more.

However, one

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Coffee Fruit (Coffee Berry): Nutrition and Health Benefits

While most people are familiar with coffee beans, coffee fruit is not as common.

Derived from the same plant as the coffee bean, coffee fruit is traditionally discarded during the coffee-making process.

However, it has recently reemerged in the world of health and wellness, and it’s touted as a trendy new superfood that’s featured in supplements, juices, and herbal teas alike.

This article reviews the nutrition and health benefits of coffee fruit, along with common ways to add it to your diet.

Coffee fruit is a type of stone fruit that’s produced by the coffee plant.

It’s often referred to by other names, including coffee cherry or coffee berry.

The fruit is typically small and green, turning a deep red or purple shade as it ripens. The coffee bean is housed inside of the fruit and technically classified as a seed.

During coffee production, the coffee beans are extracted, while

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Questions raised over health benefits of Lewis Road Creamery collagen-infused milk

Lewis Road Creamery is now making milk with added bovine collagen.


Lewis Road Creamery is now making milk with added bovine collagen.

Premium dairy brand Lewis Road Creamery has come under fire from the consumer watchdog for claims it made about the potential health benefits of its latest product.

Last week, Lewis Road Creamery released a 150ml milk product, which costs $5 and contains 5g of added bovine collagen.

On its website, the company stated the collagen it used had been “scientifically shown to regenerate joint cartilage [and] stimulate the body’s own mechanisms for maintaining healthy joints and optimum mobility”. However, it removed the comment after receiving a complaint from Consumer New Zealand.

The jury is out on whether collagen supplements, like the one used in the milk, can improve joint health.

* Would you like collagen with that?
* Lewis Road to sell milk with added collagen, as demand for ‘functional food’ grows
* Are collagen supplements

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Get to know the benefits of rice water for skin and hair l

Rice water has been used by women in Greek, Middle East, and Asia as a beauty ingredient and as a remedy for various skin and hair problems for centuries. The water that is strained after cooking rice is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair and skin. Due to the presence of allantoin and antioxidants, rice water has healing and soothing properties. Also Read – Skincare Awareness Month: Foods that can help you get that radiant look

Rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate that is known to help repair damaged hair. Used as a rinse, after shampoo, it can strengthen your hair as well as make it smooth and silky. Rice water can also help fix your hair fall problem. Also Read – Skincare Awareness Month: Ancient beauty secrets that have stood the test of time

When applied on the skin, inositol in rice water can help

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11 best foods for healthy hair

Whether you’re wanting to prevent hair loss or support healthier, shinier locks, it can often feel like you need to fork out a small fortune on expensive hair products and treatments.

However, good nutrition is just as important. Eating a well-balanced diet high in vitamins and nutrients is essential to help boost hair, skin and nail health.

We speak to dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton about the best foods to eat to make your hair thick, strong and shiny, whatever the weather:

1. To help hair grow: dairy

Cottage cheese and yoghurt are great easy ways to get important proteins like casein and whey into your diet. As hair is made up mostly of proteins, this macronutrient is essential for both growth and strength.

‘Dairy proteins are high biological value which means they contain all of the amino acids – protein building blocks – that the human body needs,’ says Dr

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